Ready to Learn to Swim?

Swim Lessons

Swimming lessons are held in season Wednesdays through Saturdays from 10:15 a.m. – 10:45 a.m. Each session is thirty (30) minutes for a two (2) week session. Swim Lessons are FREE with a capacity limit of 30 participants per session.

On Wednesday participants may stay in the park free of charge and receive a complimentary meal at lunchtime. Advance notice and adult supervision is required. We will enable sign up form when we re-open for the Summer 2023 season.

Available Classes

Swimmers are taught rudimentary front and back strokes, learn water safety, learn core values, and have fun!

Swimmers will learn front and back stroke, how to tread water, elementary backstroke, and introducing breast stroke. Endurance is also increased.

Swimmers learn free, back, breast strokes, increase distance, use proper technique, as well as learn to stay safe in water.

Further refinement of rotary breathing and strokes including butterfly, increase in distance, treading, and introduction to surface dives and other skills.

Swimmers are taught front and back strokes, how to float, learn water safety, gain confidence as well as play games.

Swimmers learn front/back crawl, side stroke, and elementary back stroke, may be introduced to breast stroke, confident in deep water, rhythmic breathing.

Butterfly stroke introduced, open turns, long distances to increase stamina, as well as mastery of other strokes.

The developmental swim team is designed to help participants improve their competitive swimming skills. Participants will learn swimming stroke technique, turning technique and starting technique in small group from experienced instructors.